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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 17, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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. deputies arrested a female passenger. she was not hurt, but investigators think these three suspects had earlier escaped a highway chase. we are homing to get an update from the alameda county sheriff's department in 30 minutesful we'll pass that information along to you once we get an update. live near castro valley. i'm cara moriarty. new information about last night's deadly shooting in oakland. two people were killed on interstate 880 while warriors fans were driving home from last night's game. claudine wong live in oakland with important new details about those victims. >> reporter: that's right.
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i've been talking with investigators this morning and as they put the pieces together in this investigation we're getting a clearer idea of what happened. we are on the onramp to interstate 880. this is jackson street and originally thought the shooting may have been happening here because there were shell casings on this onramp. now police tell me the shooting did happen on the freeway. they believe someone in another car opened fire on this as it was driving up the interstate. it was about 10:30 last night. the warriors game was just getting out, so there was a lot of traffic on the freeway. that's when the first calls came in to the chp about some kind of collision with an ambulance coming. then a few minutes later oakland police, their dispatch got a call about an argument and shots fired. both agencies responded to the scene, and that's where they found two people in and near a white porsche that had been shot. the driver found dead in the
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car, the passenger found dead on the freeway. police now tell me both were wearing warriors gear. they do believe both likely came from the warriors game which was just getting out. what they don't know is who's responsible. >> this is a senseless act because you have individuals who are firing weapons in a densely populated area without regard to life and safety of other people, so this is a very senseless act and we want to get to the bottom of it. >> here's what's been happening overnight. the freeway was shut down for several hours. around 2:00 this morning, it did open back up to traffic. they collected a lot of evidence from the scene. we're told, lots of shell case. they scoured it for evidence, and then they took a lot of names for witnesses. we are told that they have not contacted those witnesses yet. they're just beginning those interview processes right now as they try to piece together what happened. they've been really trying to figure out more about the two people killed in this. we're told one of the people is
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in his 20s, the other victim in his 30s. they are believed to be from the bay area but probably not from oakland itself, and again, their families have not been notified so very, very early. we know investigators have been working all night long trying to figure this out. it will be a long day. they're asking for anyone who was in and around this area who saw or heard anything to give them a call. live in oakland claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. happening now, things are starting to get heated at a hearing surrounding the irs scandal in washington d. c. right now recently ousted irs chief steven miller is getting questioned about what he knew about the irs targeting conservative groups. coming up at 7:15, kyla campbell will have the late fest what's happening inside that meeting and what was said that was so tense. and in the meantime president obama is shifting his focus to job creation. later today he'll go to baltimore maryland to visit a community center that teaches job skills. he will also speak at a
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manufacturing company and make a stop at an elementary school that provides early childhood education. time now 7:06. a dramatic improvement in test scores in several bay area school districts is raising questions. there were major gains in test scores at the al lumbar rock district in san jose, and school districts in san rafael and santa rosa. some say these improvements bring to mind what happened in atlanta where three dozen educators were charged in a cheating scandal. the experts are saying there's no proof bay area schools cheated but those improvements are raising suspicion. it is 7:07, want to check in again with sal, see what's happening on the roads this monday morning. >> you know, the roads look pretty good. there are some trouble spots and there's some slow traffic. the teleplay is a has been up and toll plaza has been up and
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down. it looks like it's back on the 880 overcrossing. we have slow traffic getting on to the bridge. if you're in san fransisco along northbound and southbound 101 it looks good. no problems on northbound 280 getting to the king street off ramp. if you are driving on the peninsula, 101 and 280 good. 7:07 let's go to steve. thank you and. a very happy friday morning, a little cool out there, some patchy low clouds. it will be sunny today, some of that coolness has settled in, 40s and 30s. 38 in lake county, so there's definitely a chill after yesterday's weak cold front. it did give us a little bit of rain, a lot of clouds, and then the breeze picked up in southern california now. about to exit the state, but it's cloudy in southern california, can't find any rain but a lot of reports of cloudy, patchy low clouds, chilly, sunny and breezy this afternoon. mostly sunny once we get rid of that low cloud deck. today's the coolest day and we'll start to see that trend
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go up on saturday and sunday asl 40s for some, walnut creek's in there, napa, san rosa, there's your friday morning trifecta, santa rosa and nap pa, low 50s, mid-50s, some of that fog might be holding some of the temps up. it's cool, a westerly breeze, oakland, west direction and napa, southwest to northwest for some. san jose has a southerly breeze. 38 in tahoe, 39 near truckee, jennifer just said hey, i'm by truckee. it's 39. cloudy and 70s in southern california. there goes our system, looks good for the next couple of days but maybe a whopper of changes by next week. i'll have more on that in 10, 15 minutes, sunny and breezy and cool this morning. then 60s and 70s. clear lake 74. 71 walnut creek, antioch should stay 75. berkeley 64. castro valley 66. 68 san jose, low 70s, mid-70s santa clara valley.
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couper tina at 70. menlo park, 68. 60 daly city and pacifica. there will be some fog in the morning but i think things will improve considerably by the time you get near the end of the race. 60s to mid-60s by noon an mostly sunny. inland it will be warm to hot, temperatures warming up especially on sunday, monday transition day, big cooldown starts on tuesday. thank you steve. steve mentioned the breakers, it's going to be a wild weekend as thousands of people come out for this year's big race. be prepared for tighter security. the increase in security comes after the boston marathon bombings last month. san fransisco police have added security cameras to various spots along the route and installed see-through trash cans that can be easily searched and large backpacks are also banned from this year's event. >> there will be officers from all district stations helping out. we will actually have our bomb techs will be on scene to allow for rapid response.
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>> i mean it's such a race where everyone should be having a good time more than any other race. i just hope it doesn't limit people having a good time. >> police are encouraging ees a suspicious on the route to alert authorities immediately. people are also being warned about extra traffic since the mm tour is happening on the same day. san fransisco police are still looking for suspects in a fatal attack that happened after last year's beta breakers race. steven martin was attacked in golden gate park. martin hit his head on the asphalt after being punched. he died a few days later. police have released photos of possible suspects including a man wearing a 49ers jersey and a woman in an orange tutu. anyone with information is asked to call san fransisco police. as we just mentioned the the am jam tour in california will be in san fransisco this sunday. first the cyclists will pedal
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through san jose today. trials start at 12:45 this afternoon. the race starts at the ibm silicon valley lab. it ends at the santa clara county motorcycle park. a lot of roads are closed along the route. parking is limited. cyclists left fromes con dee doe sunday. tomorrow's leg starts in livermore. it goes up mount bee ab low. the final leg is sunday. it's from san fransisco to santa rosa. janine de la vega will be joining us live at the starting line coming up at 7:30. ktvu will have live coverage of them for you on air and online every day. on sunday morning we'll bring you the events live as they're happening. tomorrow the san fransisco police chief will join us at 7:45 with everything you need to know about the events. >> there is a lot to know isn't there. >> it is 7:12.
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how could this happen, why the u.s. government gave protection to suspected terrorists, and the reason there's extra concern about two of them. >> plus there's this, an incredible crash sends that car into a pool. the criminal act that led up to that collision. e created a wide of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. sunny and breezy today, warmer weather is on the way for the weekend. thanks steve. 7:15. check this video out. we have pictures of a high speed crash in fort lauderdale florida, surveillance video shows a white car speeding northbound in the southbound lanes. the vehicle slams into a parked car sending that rental car straight into a motel swimming pool. >> it went a few feet off the
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ground, airborne, and hit the parked car by the motel and drove it into the pool. >> the suspect was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. it's unclear what caused her to speed and drive the wrong way. no one else was hurt in the incident. time now 7:15. president obama named a new head of the irs after the director was forced out because of the irs scandal. danny worful will serve as the acting commissioner replacing steven miller who resigned wednesday. and happening right now, the outgoing irs director steven miller is testifying about what he knew about those allegations. the testimony has been going on for more than an hour. it is far from over. our kyla campbell is in our washington d. c. newsroom now watching everything and there have been some tough records for miller. >> dave, members of the house ways and means committee keep bringing up the fact the audit shows higher ups in the irs
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were aware of the targeting of conservative groups as early as 2011, but when congress asked them about it last year, they lied about it. >> why did you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> i did not mislead congress nor the american people. i answered the questions as they were asked. >> we are taking a live look right now at the hearing where miller started off last hour apologizing for the irs mistake saying the american public deserves better. but congress is looking for much more than an apology. they want those responsible fired and possibly prosecuted. >> who's responsible for targeting the conservative organizations? >> i don't have names for you mr. brady. >> that is something the inspector general and fbi will continue looking for as they both move on with their investigations. we will continue following this hearing and have the latest developments for you next hour. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. time is now 7:17.
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new concerns about the future of the obamacare office. that's because the irs official who oversaw the unit accused of targeting the tea party is now the head of that office. sarah hall engram had been serving as commissioner of the office responsible for tax exempt organizations from 2009 to 2012. she's now in charge of enforcing parts of the health care law including fines associated with the requirement to buy health insurance. it is 7:18. newly released documents from the u.s. department of justice could raise new concerns about terrorism. they show federal agencies in washington d. c. gave witness protection to known and suspected terrorists, and the u.s. marshal service somehow lost track of two of those people. both of those suspected terrorists are now believed to be living outside the u.s., and the u.s. government does not believe they pose any current threat. in the meantime a man from his beck stab is due in court
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to face terrorism charges after being arrested in idaho. this video was taken yesterday shortly after the suspect was taken into custody. the fbi says it has strong evidence he helped a terrorist group in his home country plan an attack that may have involved a weapon of mass destruction. investigators are confident the plot has crumbled as a result of this arrest. and syria is getting a boost in advanced missile support from russia. officials say the missiles are outfitted with an advanced guidance system that makes them more effective than the older versions sold in syria -- sold to syria. the missiles will allow syria to prevent any attempt by international forces to strengthen syrian rebels by imposing a naval embargo or a no fly zone. time now 7:19. happening now in washington, congress is debating how to regulate drone airplanes here in the united states. these are live pictures right inside the hearing room now. a house committee hearing. privacy concerns have been
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raised about law enforcement using those drones. several lawmakers want to limit the use of drones in this country. this by the way the second congressional hearing on this controversial issue this year. a former sales executive from the concord base see no homes company has agreed to a plea deal in a bribery scandal. jason stelino, is the second former employee to take a deal with prosecutors in exchange for cooperating with the fbi. the company was part of a scheme to inflate the value of homes in a development. the fbi raided the company's headquarters in 2010. it's a little chilly outside, up next steve paulson will tell us if it will warm up in time for the event packed weekend. >> also why a california film maker wants wants everybody to see him passing out clothing to the homeless. >> good morning northbound 280 we're getting some slowing now as you can see coming up on highway 17, so now we're
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getting crowded and word of a new traffic hazard on the peninsula. ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪
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. a los angeles film maker is working to change the image of abercrombie and fitch and he's looking for public support. >> abercrombie and fitch is a terrible company. their ceo insists on only hiring attractive people which is ironic because he looks like this. >> ouch. greg farber has recorded himself handing out abercrombie and fitch clothes to the homeless. he said in a 2006 interview their brand is exclusionary and they market only to cool good looking people. the film maker is asking other people to give their a and f clothes to the homeless too and their video has already been seen by 4 1/2 million people. 7:22. if you go by chrissy field in san fransisco you will see several large sculptures they were designed by mark desabaro.
7:24 am
eight of them will be on public display may 22nd. they have the golden gate bridge as a backdrop and the artist said that was his inspiration. the art work will be on display for year. berkeley is trying something new to attract more foot traffic to downtown. the city will close part of telegraph avenue to traffic on sunday for a street party of a sort. there will be live music, restaurants are being encouraged to offer seating out in the streets. those closures will be from dwight way to durant avenue from 11 in the morning until 5 in the evening. 7:24. let's check in with sal and see what's happening in the south bay. >> all right. we are starting off with looking at the south bay commute. we have some slow traffic on 237. it's not as deep as it normally is. you certainly will be waiting as you drive over and continue to 101. also the morning commute is looking pretty good if you're driving on 101 southbound and northbound past the 92
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interchange. not a lot going on there, highway 92 east of the toll plaza looks like we have a stalled vehicle coming up on the toll plaza. and we're also looking at the toll plaza and that's backed up for a 10 minute wait before you make it to the bridge. patchy low clouds around, little chill to the morning air, a little bite if you will. after yesterday's weak cold front but it left some cool air and patchy low clouds. we're not sunny, sunny, but sunny and breezy. temperatures starting off in a few 30s. lake county 38 this morning, a lot of low 40s, mid-40s for some. i did see a 48 in menlo park. high pressure is nosing in but not before, 49 in annapolis, 40s santa rosa as well. san jose was 51 now they're 52. fairfield made it to 49 adds well. a little dip in the jet stream over california. patchy low clouds, chilly
7:26 am
morning and sunny and breezy. the coolest day of the week will be today. and then we'll start a warmer pattern as we go into the weekend. sunny and breezy, temperatures below average, slightly below average. they will rebound on the weekend and get warm. 60s, 70s today, temperatures well away from the coast really not that much warmer than those near the coast. we'll warm it up saturday. saturday morning will be cool. maybe significant changes starting tuesday for next week going into memorial weekend. >> are you ready for the cold? >> oh, yeah. time now 7:26. canada going shopping in silicon valley, what they're looking for and hope to take back to canada. >> and what really happened inside a dormitory at san fransisco state university. the cell phone video that is raising some questions about five people detained and later arrested. as mornings on 2 continues. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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it is 7:29, five people are removed from a san fransisco state dorm room by campus police. the university says they were trespassing but they say they were visiting a friend. ktvu brian flores is there with dramatic cell phone video of this confrontation. good morning brian. good morning tori. it is raising some questions this morning, again, san fransisco police say the five
7:30 am
people you will see in the cell phone video in just a few seconds, they deemed them as trespassers. they were not allowed to be in the dorms. we spoke with one person who shot the video and says that they are not trespassers. >> we are just kids! we are just -- now this is video recorded and given to ktvu by a person who only identified herself as natasha. she says this is her friend carlos being forcefully detained by campus police in mary ward hall at about 8:00 last night. natasha says her and four others were invited to the dorms by friends, it was peaceful. a couple of her friends left to smoke a cigarette. minutes later they came running back to say police were there to arrest them. the university says people were trespassers. as you saw earlier, the group said they were just guests to visit friends. natasha said they were just minding their own business. >> these officers were here
7:31 am
prior to the whole situation just watching us. we don't know why they were watching us. we don't know why any of our friends were detained. they did not let us know our rights, did not read us our rights, did not tell us why any of our friends were being detained. >> she's not resisting! she's not! >> now as you hear there, natasha says after her friends were taken away she pulled the fire alarm to alert people of what happened. the campus or dorms were evacuated. students returned a short time later. what does campus police say about all this. i just got off the phone with the campus spokesperson. she says the people arrested were not san fransisco state students and there was a little bit of a call earlier of a sixth person within the group that was arrested an hour and a half before for being drunk in public. again, this group says the five were -- the five were just friends, that they were allowed
7:32 am
to be until dorms. campus police say they were trespassers. they also say one officer was injured in this whole scuffle, but it's unclear what type of injuries he or she suffered. we are live from san fransisco state, i'm brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. overnight an early morning fire was quickly put out in redwood city. firefighters say debris caught fire in the back of a pickup truck at about 2 this morning. the truck was parked in the back of a business on flood avenue. firefighters say it's too early to know a cause. >> we have no evidence as to an intentional start, and we have go reason to believe that it could have started for other reasons. so it's being investigated right now. >> no one was inside the truck when it caught fire and the business was not damaged. also overnight, two lanes of northbound 280 in san jose were shut down after chp found a car and a gun on the freeway. around 3:45 this morning,
7:33 am
people called chp saying they saw a nissan altima flip over near the race street exit and a man run away. when police responded they found a car and a gun but not the driver. they say the car was not stolen. it was towed away. no word on whether they're looking for the driver. time now 7:32. canada is shopping in silicone valley trying to hire high-tech workers, especially immigrants having trouble with u.s. immigration laws. a canadian representative will tour the bay area promoting what's described as canada's more simplified immigration laws. the california state assembly has passed a bill aimed at protecting documented workers who get arrested. a list of minor crimes local police would not have to report to federal immigration authorities for deportation. however the police would have to report any arrests for prior, serious or violent felony convictions. a half hour ago nurses walked off the job at five bay
7:34 am
area hospitals. they're on a seven-day strike against sutter hill. the protesting plans to cut their pay and health care benefits. this is some video of a previous walkout. the walkout today is the ninth strike in less than two years. the strike is at two facilities in berkeley and oakland. also at eden medical center in castro valley and sutter delta. sutter says it's hiring replacement workers and it's not expected to affect patient care. it is 7:34, cyclists in the am general tour of california will be speeding through san jose. janine de la vega is there to tell us about the road closures in the area. >> reporter: good morning, we're here on bailey avenue. i'm standing sort of in the middle of the course where you see a lot of crews and activity going on here, people are setting up. you can see tents right there. this is all for stage 6 of the am general tour of california. it's an individual time trial.
7:35 am
that blue structure, there's actually a ramp coming down there and that's where individual cyclists will take off from, and they're going to be taking off here and coming down bailey avenue. that's going to start right at 1 p.m. this is america's longest and most prestigious and professional cycling stage race and for the first time in its eight year history the race is changing direction and cyclists are traveling from southern california to northern california. the race began in escondido on sunday and they've been making their way to the bay area. san jose is the only city to be a host city in all eight years of this race's history. this stage is actually 19.6 miles long and it features a steep strenuous 3-kilometer climb up to metcalf road towards the finish line. now i would like to show you a map of where the melton will go on to stage 6 here in san jose. then it will go on for stage 7
7:36 am
from livermore, the cyclists will travel to mount dee ab low where large crowds are expected and then on sunday we reach stage 8. where they will begin at the marina green in san fransisco and then the race will end in santa rosa. coming up in the next hour we'll show you more of the activity here and hope to talk to somebody, a represent for amgen to talk about the excitement that's going to be happening in the next couple of hours. reporting live, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. ktvu will have the live coverage of the tour and the bay to breakers on air and online every day through sunday and on sunday morning we'll bring you both of events live as they happen. also tomorrow san fransisco police chief greg sir will be joining us at 7:45 oem45 on mornings on 2 with everything you need to know. 7:36, you need a bike to get through the toll plaza
7:37 am
right now. you know, and i recall when i was young, you guys when i didn't work in television in the morning and i would actually consider getting up early on the weekends. >> not now. good morning everything let's go out and take a look at the commute now, traffic is as dave mentioned i would say maybe you should hold off if you can. the toll plaza is busy. it was lighter at about an hour ago. it kind of lightened up and i thought it was going to stay that way for the rest of the morning, but we have a late crowd coming in or kind of a mid-morning crowd, if you will, for the toll plaza. it is backed up all the way tout macarthur maze. no major problems, but certainly some waiting going on at the toll plaza. this is a look at interstate 880, the traffic there looks good. it's a little crowded heading up north. if you're on the peninsula, we've been watching that closely. maybe you're trying to catch a flight out of town. there's traffic that moves well there, and livermore valley. that's lighter than it normally is. a little slower coming in to
7:38 am
the main part. after that it looks good to dublin. let's go to steve. sal sleeping in for me is 5:45 in the morning. >> that is late for us. >> you're like whoa. a lot of low clouds around, a little chill in the morning air. this is a by-product of yesterday's system. we have an onshore push, water temps are cold, low 50s. kind of a little roller coaster over the next five, seven, ten days. a chilly morning, sunny and breezy, except for that patchy low clouds. the fog will start to get smashed. it will be warmer inland, temperatures get back into the 80s. early next week starts off warm, and then forecast models are remarkably 'n sync and dropping down a cold and seasonally cold system on wednesday and maybe northern california. it depends on how deep it goes, if it goes over water or stays over land. or maybe some rain, possibility of snow in the sierra. that wouldn't be until thursday or friday. low clouds all that's left from
7:39 am
yesterday's system. the higher clouds are down in southern california. all i can find really is kind of cloud cover down there, not much else. cool pattern in place. mostly sunny today after some of those patchy low clouds. the warmer weather will take us into the weekend. 40s for some on the temps. 50s, we are starting to bounce off those morning lows. it will be a breezy pattern mainly out of the west. it's an onshore breeze. had a couple 30s in lake county, 70s on the desert but held in check due to the cloud cover down there. for us it will be sunny after that patchy low cloud deck and high pressure on the way for the weekend. sunny and breezy, a little chill in that morning air, and the patchy low clouds in place. otherwise i think they'll stay confined the to the coast and bay. 60s, 70s up to lake county and napa concord, walnut creek, 60s closer to berkeley alameda. 60s upper 60s san jose, low 60s on the coast and in san fransisco. bay to breakers, a little cooler, mostly cloudy with some fog sunday morning.
7:40 am
i think it goes mostly sunny and we'll go for a high of 65 by noon. cooler by tuesday. thank you steve. it is 7:39. crease are still searching for people in north texas who are missing after a series of tornadoes tore through the area. rene marsh is in one of the hardest hit areas with the search for the survivors and why the destruction is particularly painful for many. renee. >> reporter: >> reporter: good morning tori. as we speak they are searching for the seven people who at last check they are still considered missing. that's really their priority, that search and recovery effort is going on as we speak, and then behind me you can see this rubble here. this used to be someone's home, but when you look at it, it is no more. it clearly is wiped off its foundation. i can see a chair there in the rubble. right next to it is a mailbox
7:41 am
and their lives just really in shambles. this is a story you see over and over and over again here in grand gran bury texas as more than 100 homes are destroyed. amanda and daniel lane waited two years for a home from habitat for humanity. that house along with so many others is now gone. >> it's terrible the entire community is wiped out. >> they lived in a neighborhood with several habitat homes called rancho brazo, at least six of their neighbors were killed. >> when you look down to where the rest of the houses normally are, there's nothing there, piled up cars, cars and trees. there's a car in our water tower. >> the national weather service now says 16 tornadoes tore through northern texas wednesday night. miguel morales was hit by flying debris as he huddled with his son in the bathroom of their mobile home. >> he was crying and he was
7:42 am
like if i die i just want to say i love you dad and mom. >> when you walk around hood county you see scenes like this, the roof here at this stable peeled off, and if there were any horses around at the time of this tornado, no sign of them now. and outside twisted aluminum and bent iron. this is where parts of the roof and siding ended up. as the massive cleanup counties residents may have to wait days to return and see what's left of their homes. in some areas it could be weeks before power is restored. >> all right. and according to the local paper here, this is the deadliness tornado to strike this area in more than 50 years. now, it goes without saying, this was frightening and the devastation is clear, but still this warning we heard stories from families just moments after this was all over with. they walked out of their badly
7:43 am
damaged home the first thing that they did is search for neighbors who may be injured. they found several neighbors who were injured and what did they do next, they took them in their hands and carried them to the paramedics. tori back to you. >> thank you renee. it is 7:42. one year ago facebook launched their ipo. would it have been a different story if they waited. >> got three and a half months to kind of sit on it. >> the warriors season is over, but the players and fans still have something to smile about. ♪
7:44 am
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. a gauge of future economic activity rose more than analysts expected. stocks have surged to record level this is year, bolstered by good news from the housing market, hiring and on going stimulus from the feds. the dow up once again 69 to 15302. the nasdaq is up 20. s&p is up 9. yahoo says it has won a big legal victory in a mexican court. the tech company says the court ruled in its favor in a breech of contract case. yahoo had been ordered to pay $2.75 billion to settle. yahoo argued the case was without merit. , and the court mostly agreed with the company ordering yahoo to pay just $173,000 instead. just checking facebook stock right now, and it is selling at 26.32. tomorrow is the first anniversary of facebook's initial public offering when stock was $38. it's up from its all time low
7:47 am
of less than 18 bucks. they say facebook would have fared better if it had waited for this year to go public because the tech market has recovered and they add facebook has figured out how to harness mobile advertising. check your bank account. that's always good advice but pam cook's in our newsroom to tell us who specifically should be on the lookout for a local scam. >> reporter: customers in walnut creek were the target of a scam, but it does not stop there. they are only the size of a sugar packet. they're capable of stealing your financial information without you ever realizing it. they're called skimmers and they were found at two gas stations in walnut creek, both on the valero and the chevron. >> essentially they'll have your card number and the information you use to make a purchase and they can essentially duplicate and make purchases on that same card. >> it makes you leery when you think about it. if this is going on in walnut creek. >> and it is not just walnut
7:48 am
creek. we heard from a bay area man who's been skimmed in san diego and san bernardino. i got a 2003 from daniel in san jose who said he's been skimmed three times at the arco station on west alma. the other scary part, you typically can't look for that suspicious device yourself. in our next hour of mornings on 2, how police think thieves are getting them inside the gas pumps. reporting live in the newsroom, pam cook let's go back over to dave and tori. >> we did and the police how the best way to protect yourself at the gas pumps. they said your best defense pay with cash. otherwise use a the gas company credit card or a credit card because unlike a debit card you don't have to put in a pin number, and any false charges can be easily disputed. they also say make sure you double check your bank statements. 7:48. we are learning that the divers who pulled the body of a
7:49 am
missing autistic girl from a creek in lake county also recovered the body of a bay area fisherman on the same day. man's body was found near a piling in south clear lake wednesday after neighbors reported seeing his empty boat running. he was reportedly from richmond and in his early to mid-70s. the same search crews recovered the body of 9-year-old mckayla lynch. she wandered off from her family's vacation home sunday. an investigation is underway in the head lands after a hiker walked into a sales rita firehouse and reported that he'd found a body. the national park service says the remains of a man in a wet suit and jacket were found along a trail west of kirby cove wednesday night. the body had been there for a while. so far there's no word on a cause of death or the man's identity. the area is being treated as a potential crime scene. time now 7:49. a southern california wildfire now 25% contained, but high
7:50 am
winds may cause some problems. it has now burned 3800 acres neither grapevine. yesterday they had cooler temperatures. that helped the firefighters get control of the flames. it started wednesday, quickly spread because of dry brush and grass. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a nearby high school and a state park were evacuated as a precaution. his name is kai. at least that's what they call him, a homeless hitchhiker and a hit on the internet, but he's in jail this morning. back in february this video of kai went viral. he was describing how he stopped an attack on a fest fresno you want worker. yesterday kai was arrested at a bus station in philadelphia. prosecutors say he killed a new jersey lawyer inside the victim's home. they say that kai whose real name is caleb mcgal have rewas staying with the lawyer and the two had a sexual relationship.
7:51 am
the lawyers body was found on monday. 10 minutes before 8:00. the clock finally struck midnight for those cinderella warriors. their dream season ended last night with a 94-82 loss to the san antonio spurs. the spurs won the playoff series four games to two, but the warriors never gave up. curry scored 22 points despite playing on that badly sprained left ankle. he said the team fought to the finish for their fans. >> three and a half months to kind of sit on it and think back and learn from everything, the goods and the bad this year. >> last night's game was the 38 38th straight sellout at oracle arena. mark jackson says he's inspired by the success of the season and the foundation for the future. tomorrow night's game at hp pavilion is a must win for the sharks. they last 4-3 last night to the kings and they're now down 2 games to none in the best of 7.
7:52 am
the sharks were ahead late in the game until they gave up two goals and 22 seconds. sharks suffered a blow also before the game started, their forward torrez was suspended for the rest of the series due to an illegal hit on tuesday. time now 7:51, a mountain lion on the loose in santa cruz. how it became trapped downtown and the complicated rescue. >> a star-studded night on american idol as a winner was crowned and fans said good-bye to a long time judge. crash dating!
7:53 am
three dates in one week! i had to get a designer dress! shop like a fashionista. and i did fall in love... save like a maxxinista. with my new dress. designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. this is a stunning work of technology. the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
7:54 am
welcome back, 7:54 a wayward mountain lion found in downtown santa cruz is back in the wild after being rescue. rescuers from the puma project tranquilized that mountain lion, captured it ask released it into the wild. santa cruz police were on hand just in case. they didn't know how the li
7:55 am
it never posed any danger. it is 7:54, last night host ryan seacrest announced the winner of american idol season 12. >> candice. >> she was a little shocked. 23-year-old candice glover had tried out for two previous seasons before edging out brie harrison for this year's title. the show also included a farewell tribute to judge randy jackson. he's leaving idol after appearing on all 12 seasons, and if you want a shot at being america's idol, online auditionings auditions began last night. ticket masters has agree today pay $23 million to settle legal claims. they were sued by people who bought event tickets online and were enrolled in a an awards program. consumers didn't know about the enrollment and the monthly fee. affected consumers will receive an e-mail about the settlement later today. all right. time now 7:55. let's get you to where you need to go sal.
7:56 am
what's happening on highway 101? >> right now traffic is busy getting into san fransisco. northbound 101 you can see some slow traffic especially getting to the central freeway. the morning commute looks good at the toll plaza. it's only backed up for a 10 minute wait to the end of that parking lot, and on the san mateo bridge we're getting a little slow traffic and slowing on southbound 880 between 238 and mowry avenue about a 16 minute wade traffic time. we have some patchy low clouds around, mostly sunny and a few high clouds. there's a cool shot there for those of you puttering around the house. you can take a look at the screen. there you go. even you looked, had to get your attention. we do have some high clouds and a cool morning. i think napa's warm, seeing some 50s. system is working in the cool air and take most of the cloud cover out. sunny, breezy, a very chilly morning, patchy low clouds an
7:57 am
the bay. there's some extending inland. highs will be in the 60s or 70s today and the extended outlook has warmer weather on the way for the weekend, and looks like cooler starts tuesday. 7:56, a young girl rescued from the home of a suspected sexual predator, the discovery that's raising concerns there may be more possible victims. we're live near castro valley where sheriff's deputies are getting ready to give us an update on an officer involved shooting at a freeway onramp. >> and we just got new information about the shooting on interstate 880 that left two people dead. what witnesses are telling investigators about exactly what happened and the information they've given about the suspect's vehicle. we'll have all of that for you when mornings on 2 comes back. ♪
7:58 am
[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies
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have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm tori campbell. >> and i'm dave clark. happening right now, it's been almost nine hours after an officer involved shooting in alameda county and a freeway onramp where it happened is still closed. ktvu's tara moriarty is in castro valley. investigators are busy gathering evidence. >> reporter: that's right. a deputy showed up to give us an update of what's going on.
8:00 am
this freeway onramp still shut down near eden medical center. joining me live is j. d. nelson with the department. i wanted to know exactly -- give us a runtown of what's sort of the latest. >> well, the latest hasn't changed much from last night where we had an deputy that attempted to pull over a buick that had a stolen license plate from a honda on it. the driver of that car took off on foot. he was tackled by sheriff's deputies and taken into custody. the rear passenger of car then jumped into driver's seat and attempted to drive that car away and while doing so was kind of pulling a deputy along with him, and a third deputy fired striking that driver. >> and we understand there was a female person in the car, and she was not hurt. >> right. >> there was a female in the passenger seat who was uninjured. >> reporter: and the person who was shot, are they still in critical condition? >> from what i understand, he was in surgery and was in critical condition, and i've had no updates. >> reporter: and they have some extensive history you're
8:01 am
ying? >> right, les have a pretty extensive history for theft and drug related charges and the female who's much younger has much less history in that regard. >> reporter: so they've been very methodical here at the crime scene. they've been really pouring over every detail. can you explain what they're doing exactly? >> we have the crime lab out here, and we take a detailed report of what happened because we know that all these things get looked at over and over and over again, so we want to make sure that everything is done correctly. >> thank you so much for joining us live. we appreciate it, j. d. nelson with the sheriff's office and that's the latest from here. we are told that possibly this onramp could be opening soon. they've been out here all night. hopefully it will open soon and we'll pass that info along to you. live near castro valley i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. it is 8:01. we have new information on that deadly freeway shooting in oakland. two people were killed on interstate 880 while warrior
8:02 am
home w last night's playoff game. claudine wong joins us live from oakland to tell us what witnesses are saying happened on the freeway. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of new information for you at this hour, coming from the chp about what witnesses are telling them about exactly what happened, we're at the jackson street onramp and all of this happened overnight on the interstate just up the road from where we are. the two victims were in a porsche on 880 about 1030 last night. witnesses tell them all of this happened on 880 north in lane 4, another vehicle apparently came along side that porsche, what is described as a dark colored suv. according to witnesses, several shots were fired from that suv into the porsche. once those shots were fired the porsche veered to the right, hit the guardrail, then veered left. as it veered left, the passenger either fell out or got out of that porsche, landed
8:03 am
in lane 3, rolled into lane 2 where he was then hit by a box truck style vehicle. it did not stop, and apparently police believe it may not have known that they actually hit the victim. the porsche then traveled another several hundred feet ending up south of broadway. the driver was found dead behind the wheel. one victim is in his 20s, one this his 30s they were both wearing warriors gear and one investigator with oakland police told me he believes they may have been coming from the warriors game. both victims had id on them, both believed to be from contra costa county. investigators have been working through the night and into this morning. this is a joint investigation between the chp and oakland police. i've been talking to both american league psys agencies all morning long. they have a lot of information they're sorting through how much is accurate, how much is
8:04 am
true. they are looking for more witnesses. they're looking for the driver of that truck that may have been hit, that second victim and not even know it. we're headed to chp headquarters in oakland, try to get more information for you and check back in with you coming up on morning on 2. thank you claudine. 8:03 a ahsan jose man is due in court to face charging on the stabbing of his mother and 1- year-old nephew. the deadly attack took place inside ramirez's home. his 3-year-old niece was wounded in the neck. investigators say ramirez has a long history of mental problems and trouble with the law. an 11-year-old girl was rescued from the home of a suspected sexual predator in salinas. 58-year-old david stevens was arrested after a nationwide man hunt. he's accused of making child
8:05 am
rl ingraphy videos. found in his apartment was in those videos. she was not kidnapped but was someone who stevens saw frequently. investigators also say there are likely many victims. 8:04, a major makeover happening in oakland's fruit dale video after vandals targeted businesses with graffiti. volunteers will be painting over graffiti. the project started yesterday. after the graffiti is painted over local artists have been asked to create new murals to help beautify that neighborhood. in san jose graffiti taggers targeting a freeway overpass that was just cleaned up a couple of days ago. on monday crews painted over the graffiti at the highway 101 overpass at old oakland road. this morning there's already new graffiti. the city hasn't said yet when it will be painted over. if you try to camp out in your car in palo alto you may be
8:06 am
forced to go someplace else. an ordinance to ban people from sleeping in their cars at the coverly community center is being debated. it comes after seeing an increase in the number of people sleeping in their cars at the center. the city says between 20 and 30 people sleep in their cars on any given night. the city has been reaching out to local churches and faith groups to open up their parking lots but that has not been successful so far. 8:05. we could learn today whether america cup's italian team will still compete. this is a photo of the luna r o', sa team competing in naples. the team's owner arrived in san fransisco this morning and he'll discuss concerns over last week's fatal accident near treasure island that killed british olympian andrew simpson. he says he's leaving the decision to his crew. there will only be three teams left if italy pulls out of the america's cup. in the meantime members of all four races teams were on hand
8:07 am
for creed's yesterday's private memorial service. he was killed when a catamaran capsized on the bay during training for the medical care's cup. time is now 8:06. let's get you to where you need to go. the toll plaza still heavy? >> yeah, it's unpredictable today which is -- it has been lighter. then it's been heavier. almost every report it seems to change. let's look at it now. it seems to be moderate. it's backed up to about the end of that parking lot, earlier it was lighter. kind of in the middle of the commute. then it became heavy. we'll see what happens. my feeling is that probably at 9:00 you should be safe to go. i know a lot of people on friday will wait later it go in. this is a look now at the commute on the san mateo bridge. you can see traffic is moving along well as you drive out to the high-rise. looks like there's a motorcyclist with a flat tire somewhere on the bridge, and they're asking you to be aware
8:08 am
of that, of going out towards foster city. one of the things i want to mention is that if you're taking the dunbar bridge, we've had decent traffic through the area, 880 southbound between 238 and mowry is better than it normally is. only 14 minutes. yesterday it was double that. 8:07. let's go to steve. >> thank you sal. >> good morning everybody. patchy low clouds around the bay. a little cool this morning, had a couple 30s in lake county, a lot of 40s low to mid in the north bay and a couple on the peninsula. mostly sunny, a couple high clouds kind of zipping by as this system digs itself over to california. patchy fog, chilly morning, sunny and breezy today, we still have that westerly breeze, the cooldown started wednesday. thursday we bottom out, we'll start a warmup tomorrow and sunday. i think things turn around fast. if not monday, no doubt about it tuesday. it looks to be a cool week next week. today lots of sunshine unless you have some of that patchy fog. temperatures are warmer, 50s
8:09 am
but still can't find any 60s. usually by now a couple days ago it was easy to find 60s by 8:00 but not now. that's a pretty cool air mass in place. it's more of a westerly, northwesterly breeze for most. predominantly it's out of the west or northwest. 38 in tahoe this morning. truckee was 39. i had one report of that, cloudy in southern california. a little cool. one system moves out, clouds in southern california but high pressure is nosing in. sunny and breezy, a chilly morning, patchy low clouds will give way to mostly sunny skies. looks good overall. temperatures a little bit on the cool side, especially inland areas, not that warm, temperatures will be in the 70s, upper 60s for some, but pretty close here, coast, bay and inland. bigger jump will be tomorrow, the fog looks like it will get squashed. inland i don't think it will be an issue on sunday, but on the coast and in the city, it will be mostly sunny by noon and 65 at the end. cool weather on saturday
8:10 am
morning and then warmer. we'll take that into sunday, monday, a pretty significant cool down on tuesday. doctors and nurses at marin general hospital say new computer system is putting patients in danger. the hospital started using the system to let doctors directly enter their medical orders including prescriptions right into that system. the goal is to prevent problems caused by handwriting you can't read or understand. health care workers say there's just not enough training, and that some patients have been given the wrong medicine. >> there was a cardiac med that had the wrong dosing on it, and it had an adverse effect on a person's heart rate. >> now the medical workers say they don't object to using this new computer system, they just want better training. the hospital's ceo says there have been no reports of medication errors because of this new technology. another big announcement is expected in what's been a big week for the sacramento kings. the team's owners have
8:11 am
reportedly agreed to sell the team to a groups based in sacramento. the current owners hoped to sell the team to an out of town investment group that would have moved the team to seattle. but on wednesday the board of governors killed the deal keeping the kings in sacramento. our time is now 8:10. a major burglary happ at the canne film festival. what the thieves got away with and who may be behind it. >> and a big change to the obama office, how it involves the irs scandal and why so many are concerned.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
patchy low clouds continue along with a chill in the morning air. mostly sunny, highs today us 60s, 70s. it's 8:13. president obama named a new head of the irs after the director was forced out because of the irs scandal. danny werfel will serve as acting commissioner and replaces steven miller who resigned wednesday following news that irs employees targeted conservative groups. and right now miller is facing tough questions from lawmakers surrounding this scandal. kyla campbell is in our washington d. c. newsroom. she's been monitoring the hearing all morning long and has more on why miller is having a tough time answering questions about the irs targeting conservative groups. >> reporter: miller told lawmakers this morning he went to one of his senior advisories who would have been able to figure out which employees were responsible for scrutinizing
8:15 am
the groups. >> and what did nancy tell e? >> that i don't remember to be don't remember again? congress are trying to get to the bottom of who started the targeting of conservative groups as early as 2010. but they're not getting the answers they want. lawmakers keep reminding miller of his obligations. they believe he should have told congress about the problem when he became aware of it last may. that's according to the audit that was done. some members of congress say either the irs officials lied or were incompetent leaders. >> you're a law enforcement agency for crying out loud. i was a cop for 33 years. now you've raised your right hand today, did this committee have the right to know what you knew? yes or no? >> i answered all questions truthfully. >> miller started off the hearing by apologizing for the irs mistakes. he said that the public deceives better and the i consider deserves and the irs.
8:16 am
congress believes they deserve better answers. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. thanks kyla. 8:15. there's new concern about the future of the obamacare office. that's because the irs official who oversaw the units accused of targeting the tea party of t sarah hall ingram had been serving as commissioner of the office responsible for tax exempt organizations from 2009 to 2012. she's now in charge of enforcing parts of the health care law including the fines associated with the requirement to buy health insurance. time is now 8:16. new this morning, jewelry thieves just hit the famous canne film festival in france. a million dollars in jewelry stolen from a hotel room where a jewelry maker was staying. that stolen jewelry was intended to be lent out and worn by the movie stars on the red carpet. investigators say the jewelry heist could have been an inside
8:17 am
job. hotel workers are being questioned. back in this country, a woman from texas facing charges after she put an ad on craigslist offering her 3-year- old son for adoption. 29-year-old stephanie redus is due in court tuesday. she put that ad on craigslist that said she's not in a good place and opportunity feel like she can care for her son. she asked anybody interested in caring for him to please call her. right now she is pregnant, saying that prevents her from taking antidepression pills, which led to that craigslist posting. 8:17, the airline that flies dreamliners in and out of the bay area says it will resume flights of those jets as scheduled despite what it calls a minor setback. equipment on board was damaged by heat on a training flight. the airline says the problem that was caused by a nut that was not completely tightened. the part has been replaced.
8:18 am
ana says all its boeing 787 flights including those to and from san jose will resume on june 1st. boeing is turning its attention to a problem on some of its 777 jumbo jets. one of two new jerseys shut down on two separate flights. the planes were able to keep flying on one new jersey. general electric makes those new jerseys and says there's a problem with new jersey gears. ge and boeing are telling airlines to inspect or replace the gearboxes used in those new jerseys. time is 8:18. u.s. mortgage rates are starting to go up again. the national average for a 30- year fixed rate loan is slightly above 3 1/2 percent. annual pay just under 2.7% for 15 year loan. both are up almost a tenth of a point in the last week but still near all time lows. 8:,000 new apartments will soon be available in san fransisco between now and 2015. the san fransisco business times reports $5 billion worth
8:19 am
of rental housings either being built or they're in the planning stages expected to lure thousands of new renters to the city, including technology workers who can afford $3500 a month rent. and the time says the city's overall landscape could change from progressive to more modern and business friendly. it is 8:18. the power ball lottery jackpot is at $550 million. no one had all six winning numbers during wednesday night's drawing but there was stale few winners. the store sold a ticket worth $266,000. it was one of six tickets with five correct numbers. microsoft founder bill gates does not need a winning lottery ticket. he's the richest man in the world. he regained that title after microsoft shares closed at a five-year high yesterday. stock is up 28% so far this year. gates has been second on the list of global billionaires but
8:20 am
carlos slim of mexico has seen shares of his cell phone rryear. >> no tears for carlos. >> i think he'll be okay. time now 8:19. two want ised criminals in fresno made it real easy for the cops to find them. >> what a 9-1-1 dispatcher overheard and how the suspects themselves themselves helped the police solve the crime. another sunny breezy morning in the bay area, some clouds, meteorologist steve paulson will be back with what's ahead in his bay to breakers weekend forecast. >> golden gate bridge, the traffic from marin county to san fransisco has been in good shape, still is. we'll tell you about some trouble spots coming up.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
the san fransisco pride board will announce this year's parade grand marshal. army bradley manning was named marshal but then the board changed its mind. some say he should be reinstated as grand marshal but s. f. pride said that's not going to happen. manning's supporters are planning a rally. in from the scene no two suspected criminals accidentally tipped off police from one of their cell phones pocket dialed 9-1-1 as they were breaking into a car.
8:24 am
>> park the car and wait, you know. >> instead of hanging up, the 9- 1-1 dispatcher listened for 35 minutes, and the dispatcher figured out where they were and sent officers. >> what did i do? >> step out of the vehicle for me okay? >> while police found several items that were taken from the burglarized car, both men were arrested. time now just turning 8:24. everybody behaving on the roads right now? >> we do have a new crash reported, in castro valley. this would be on lake shore bell road south of somerset avenue, a bus accident involving an ac transit bus. let's go up and take a look at the commute on the nimitz freeway. the freeway today here has been a little bit slow and it's become a little bit slower in the last few minutes. 15 minutes from 238 to mowry. san mateo bridge traffic
8:25 am
looking good. live pictures from our camera network will show that 880 northbound is getting busier approaching high street headed to doubt oakland. and at the bay bridge toll plaza it seems to be getting better. hopefully this time the wave of better traffic will stick with us. it's backed up for a 10 minute delay. thank you, sir. very y ppfriday morning, low clouds around the bay. wasn't that much there a couple hours ago. it thickened up. there we go. i think that's southwest flight 1522 dave on its way to phoenix on time. >> it's on time. >> on time. >> that's right. >> we do have a high pressure system building in, a few high clouds kind of zipping by, 40s 40s, no 60s, even out to stockton, it's all 50s at the 8:00 observation. there's pretty cool air in place for us. that's the system moving in right now. it will be out of here by tomorrow. today sunny and breezy, after some patchy low clouds. they might hang around a little
8:26 am
bit but mostly sunny. 60s, 70s, that's it. these are average, temperatures below average for this time of year. we will warm up on the weekends starting saturday. it will be chilly saturday morning. by monday things start to turn around. tuesday looks cooler. most of next week looks cooler. 8:25, a scam that targets bay area drivers as you fill up gas, a small device that could cost you big money. >> and what happened on the campus of san fransisco state university, the cell phone video that is raising questions about five people that were arrested yesterday. >> the biggest names in professional cycling are here today in san jose. we'll tell you about the excitement building for the route and the tour of california. >>
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
we have breaking news in castro valley on lake shore bull road, about about maybe half a block down from somerset avenue this ac transit bus was involved in an accident here about 25 minutes ago. this bus collided with an suv it's reported. chp is on the scene as they patrol castro valley. this is right across from the medical center there, and the traffic is not all that bad but the bus is not going anywhere pending this investigation. stay with ktvu we'll find out if anyone was injured. we did know that they called the paramedics -- they've called the million dollars to the scene. it's possible that the -- called the paramedics today scene it's possible they took them to the hospital across the street. time is now 8:29. some dramatic cell phone video given ktvu captures police
8:30 am
detaining five people inside a dorm at san fransisco state and that video is causing a big controversy. brian flores joining us live on the campus to tell us why the person that shot that video says the police went too far. >> reporter: the person that shot that video, a video that you'll see in a few seconds says she was part of a group that was detained and later arrested here at mary ward hall at about 8:00 last night. she claims that she were invited as guests to visit friends at the dorms. police say they were trespass trespassers. >> she's cooperating you guys, stop, stop! don't punch him! >> this is video recorded by a person who only identified herself as natasha. this was around 8 p.m. last night. she says her and four others were invited to the dorms by friends. a couple of friends left to smoke a cigarette, minute later
8:31 am
they came running back saying police were there to arrest them. the university says people were trespassers and they say just about an hour and a half before another person in their group was detained and arrested for public drunkenness. they also say these people were not san fransisco state students. as for the video it shows police taking into custody three people, one is a woman, there's another officer that appears to be using a flashlight. we don't know if they were causing any type of raucous before the video but natasha shade they were minding their own business. >> so i began to go outside and film the police and they were dragging my friend carlos on the ground while he was trying to explain to them he was just visiting. >> you guys he's not resisting! he's not! >> you hear that alarm there, that's natasha. she was the one that says she pulled the fire alarm to alert people of what happened. the dorms were evacuated. students returned a short time later and from what we know, one officer was also injured
8:32 am
but we don't know the extent of the injuries. campus police say the people in the group will be facing trespassing and resisting arrest charges. we are live here from san fransisco state, i'm brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. thank you brian. 8:31. police in south san fransisco report a rise in reckless driving. officers say the majority of the drivers are in ford mustangs doing burnouts and doughnuts. investigators believe the drivers belong to a car club and endanger the lives of pedestrians and other drivers on the road. police are urging people to jot down the license plate of the number of reckless drivers. and the driver accused of hitting and killing a san fransisco high school student will go before a judge today. ham ron chang was celebrating her 17th birthday when she was killed near stern grove last night. 28-year-old karen brewer was under the influence of alcohol when he hit the teen. brewer pleaded not guilty to felony charges. today a judge is expected to
8:33 am
set a date for a preliminary hearing. 8:32. going to be a wild weekend in san fransisco, thousands of people will come out for this year's bay to breakers race, but be prepared for tighter security. the increase in security comes after the boston marathon bombings last month. san fransisco police have added security cameras at several spots long the route. they've also installed see through trash cans that can be searched easily. large backpacks are band from this year's event. police are encouraging everybody look for any suspicious and call the authorities immediately. the final stage of the amgen tour in california is this weekend, today the cyclists are going to be speeding through the south bay. ktvu's janine de la vega is in san jose now where some of the best cyclists in the world are getting ready pedal through there. >> reporter: yeah, we did just see one pro along here, along the route on bailey avenue. today is stage 6, and it's all
8:34 am
about this clock right here. this is the individual time trials taking place today. behind me you can see a lot of the activity going on, crews here setting up tents getting ready for this tour of california, professional male cyclists will be taking off to from that blue start house over there at 1 p.m. this is america's longest, largest and most prestigious professional cycling stage race, and for the first time in its eight-year history the race is changing directions, and cyclists are traveling from southern california to northern california. the race began on sunday in escondido and they're making their way to the bay area. san jose is the only city to be a host city in all eight years of the races. we have some footage from years past when cyclists came through san jose on sierra road. the stage today is 19.6 miles long and ura steep
8:35 am
strenuous climb up metcalf road towards the finish line. i want to show you a map of where the pelaton will be after it leaves san jose. stage 7 takes off from livermore and will go to mount diablo and then on sunday we have the last stage, stage 8 where the pelaton will take off from the marina green in san fransisco and then the race will finish in santa rosa. now some of the big names to watch, he won the stage yesterday, and another one to watch is an american who is number 1 in the race t. j. van gardren. he is another popular rider who fans and spectators who are expected to come will be watching. and we'll bring you more of that coming up on our newscast at noon. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega. >> we'll have live reports of both the amgen tour and bay to
8:36 am
breakers on air and online every day through sunday. and then sunday morning we'll bring you the events live as they're happening. also tomorrow san fransisco police chief greg sir will join us at 7:45 in the morning with everything you need to know about those events. 8:35, tomorrow cyclists will ride up mount diablo but people who live near the state park are demanding a ban on out of town riders. cyclists are cutting through their communities on private roads to access the state park. they say riders are going too fast and running through stop signs which is a safety. the community plans to meet next month to discuss banning cyclists and town limits. time is 8:36. sal is back, you're watching a crash, you've got the chopper working too. >> that's right. this is in castro valley, this ac transit bus was involved in a crash with another vehicle. the other vehicle is reported to be an suv,
8:37 am
see it in the picture. someone was reported injured because they did send the paramedics today scene. we do have a crew that has just arrived on the scene, i see hem down there actually and we'll find out more about this coming up. there are people who are lined up in front of this hospital. that's a separate incident, that's a protest going on of some sort. this bus is going to stay there for a while, and we will let you know what happened as our reporter is on the scene. let's take look at westbound bay bridge. that traffic is backed up for about a 5 to 10 minute delay. if you're driving on the peninsula today, the traffic is actually doing pretty well across to the san mateo bridge, but it gets busy in san mateo. 8:p.m. 37. let's 37 -- 8:38. mostly clear out, plenty of low clouds around, it thickened up a bit over the last couple hours and all the temps are still in the 50s. usually by this time you get a couple of 60s. beta breakers gets pretty good. there will be some fog to
8:38 am
start, but mostly sunny, 60s, upper 50s for some to low and mid-60s after everything's said and done. it will be warmer inland but there's going to be fog hanging out by the coast. mostly sunny today, our system from yesterday left behind low clouds. a westerly breeze. everyone's still in the 50s, a lot of 40s, a couple of 30s into lake county. everything is swinging out and starting to eject towards the east. mostly sunny today and we have patchy low clouds, give this system credit. it may be the first -- it could be a couple, there's a stronger one our forecast models are saying for next weekend. so stay tuned. a cool morning, mostly sun gnu and a little wear. 60s and 70s coast and bay. sunny and breezy, a chilly morning, some of those patchy low clouds persistent or stubborn until they burn off. 60s, 70s, a little below average on these temps. warmer weather takes us into the weekend. saturday morning will be cool. it will be warmer. sunday we top it out, monday looks good, a big cool down is
8:39 am
object on the way for tuesday. 8:38. it's about the size of a sugar packet but it can steal your financial information without you realizing it. pam cook is in our newsroom with a scam hitting local gas stations. >> reporter: two gas stations in walnut creek are the latest to be hit with skimmers. that's a small device that records your credit card number and any information needed to use it. now the two gas stations are both on the valero and the chevron. employees tell us they're so busy they have to open their pumps often to replace the receipt paper. this week something unusual was also found inside one of those pumps. pumps. >> investigators call it a skimmer. and that's exactly what it does. it skims your financial information off your credit or debit card including any pin
8:40 am
needed to use it. now the clerk tells us it's impossible to see everything that's going on outside at the pumps. now surveillance video from both stations is being reviewed to try to see who got into the pumps. investigators are warning other cities to check their gas pumps as well and customers of course check your bank accounts. reporting live in the newsroom pam cook ktvu channel 2 news. thank you pam. and more details now we asked police what's the best way to protect yourself at the gas pump and they say the best defense is to pay cash. otherwise use a gas company card or credit card because unlike a debit card they do not require a pin number and any false charges can be easily disputed. they also say make sure you check your bank statements on a regular basis. >> great advice. 8:40, last night we heard the words and the winner is.
8:41 am
♪ [ music ] the american idol for season 12 is crowned as a long time judge on the show says good-bye. we're going to take you live to washington and hollywood. >> and another bay area nurses strike is underway. what's behind this latest walkout. >> and we move to the oakland headquarters of the california highway patrol coming up we're going to take live with chp. get the latest for you on the shooting overnight on interstate 880 that left two people dead.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
higher on wall street following encouraging news about the economy. the conference board says its index of leading economic indicators a gauge of economic activity in the next three to six months rose 26% last month, and also consumers spent in early may to its highest level in nearly six years. the dow is up 62, the nasdaq is up 16. s&p up 8. apple's ceo tim cook says he has some tax proposals he'll present to congress when he testifies next week. cook says congress needs to encourage companies to bring their overseas profit to the
8:45 am
u.s. he says the money should be taxed but not at the current 35% tax rate. apple recently decided to go into debt by selling bonds rather than bringing home some of its overseas profits. and there are new federal guidelines for wine makers that could change the way local vintners use social media sites. company profiles will essentially be treated like an advertisement. that means they will have to include their address somewhere on their page. they are also banned from making false statements about their products. breweries and spirit makers will also have to follow the new rules. time is 8:45. some of the other top stories we're following right now late last night, an alameda county sheriff's deputy, shot and wounded a suspected car thief. the suspect was trying to drive off dragging another deputy with him, that's when the other officer shot him. that suspect's at eden medical center listed in critical
8:46 am
condition. >> right now in washington, congressional testimony happening now, lawmakers firing questions at the outgoing irs chief steven miller about the irs targeting conservative groups. the millers started by apologizing for irs mistakes in what he calls the poor service it provided. he said the american public deserves better. members of congress say they deserve more answers. back here at home, we have new information on a deadly shooting last night in oakland. two people were killed on interstate 880 while warriors fans were driving home from last night's playoff game. ktvu's claudine wong joining us live along the freeway. >> reporter: good morning, yes, we are talking with the chp this morning, they are conducting an investigation as is oakland police into what happened on interstate 808 last night. i'm joined by sam morgan, can you tell me what we know about what happened? they were possibly leaving the warriors game, 10:30 at night,
8:47 am
northbound interstate 880. >> yeah, northbound intestate 880 north of jackson south of broadway we got reports of a vehicle collision with an ambulance en route. around the same time oakland police department got reports of shots fired, possible disturbance. both agencies responded to the scene. we were up on the freeway where we found one vehicle that had multiple gunshot wounds or gunshot entry points. we also had one person lying in the roadway struck by a vehicle. what we've been able to piece together so far is that a white porsche was traveling north on interstate 880 north of jackson street. another vehicle according to witness descriptions possibly a dark colored suv rolls up along side the vehicle begins firing rounds into the left side of the vehicle. that white porsche hits the guardrail and then veers to the left, at which time the right front passenger either falls out or jumps out of the car and lands in the i roadway, is
8:48 am
struck by a passing vehicle. the porsche collides into the guardrail and veers to the right, comes to rest within lanes 4 and 5 of the freeway. inside the porsche we found one person suffered from multiple gunshot wounds that was deceased. >> you have two people dead, two men, one in his 20s, one in his 30s. what to we know about them? and do we think they were targeting. >> it definitely appears that this was not a random act of violence given how the vehicle was shot up. there were no reports from witness at this point that anyone in the porsche was shooting. it looks like just the suspect vehicle was doing the shooting. we don't know if they were coming from the warriors game. they may have been at the game, they may not have been, they may have been watching the game at a local venue. >> what happens now? >> we have joint investigation with the california highway patrol and the oakland police department piecing together this incident as pieces of a puzzle. we are hoping that anyone in the area who may have been a witness would be willing to contact the highway patrol. you can do it anonymously at
8:49 am
1800 tail chp. or the oakland police department with any information. that's how we solve these cases. this is a random act of violence, reckless disregard for human life. >> cc officer sam morgan that's the latest on this investigation but it will continue throughout the day. live in oakland claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. this morning america has a new idol, as season 12 wrapped up with a star-studded show. that reporter nicole collins joining us live with more on the winner and the second place contestant. >> after auditioning twice before candice the winner told me this morning she felt there were times american idol did not want her. now she's won the contest she fought so hard and so long to win. >> three years. >> three years. >> season 12 winner candice
8:50 am
glover auditioned for seasons nine and eleven of american idol before winning it all last night. ♪ [ music ] >> several years ago former idol judge simon cowell told glover he couldn't see her being more than a allowance singer. now she's a star. >> you know my dream came true tonight, and i can't even tell you like how i feel right now. people are talking to me and i'm like staring off into space because i'm still trying to wrap my mind off it. >> she sang with jennifer hudson during the star-studded season finale that included performances by former judge jennifer lopez, former contestant adam lambert and miss aretha franklin who performed with the top five women via satellite. runner up cre harrison appeared general winely happy for glover. >> we were talking to each other, what we wanted from this
8:51 am
show was longevity and a career and i feel like i have that now and i feel like i've already won. >> and an audition date is set for san fransisco july 16th at at&t park. reporting live in los angeles i'm nicole collins back to you guys. thank you. it is 10 minutes before 9:00, thousands of nurses are pickets outside five bay area hospitals. want to show you some live pictures of nurses striking outside eden medical center in castro valley. you can see them with a lot of placards. they're on a seven day strike protesting plans to cut their pay and health care benefits. today's walkout is the ninth strike in less than two years. in addition to this strike at castro valley there are also walkouts at two al that beats sum milt myth facilities in berkeley and oakland and sit
8:52 am
tore delta in antioch. the strike is not expected to affect patient care. canada is shopping in silicon valley. they're trying to hire away high-tech workers, especially immigrants having trouble with u.s. immigration laws. a canadian representative will tour the bay area promoting what is described as canada's more sitly fewed simplified policies. a toilet paper shortage in venezuela had people scrambling. we'll show you video we shot when a shipment arrived in a grocery store. they're planning to import 50 million rolls of toilet paper. they have also seen shortages of other basic products like butter, milk and flour. they're rich in oil but they have to import almost everything else. 8 minutes before 9:00. chopper 2 flew over the accident scene this morning. we have an update on that
8:53 am
transit bus crash outside the eden medical center. >> westbound bay bridge, the traffic here is going to be a little bit slow. we'll tell you how it's improved in the last few minutes. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit,
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you will 55. happening now in castro valley an ac transit bus collides with another vehicle. tara moriarty just arrived on scene where the crash happened just a few feet outside eden
8:56 am
medical center where we mentioned nurses are on strike. >> reporter: that's right and traffic has been a nightmare. if we can pan to the left traffic is just starting to back up right here and it is a little bit congested. i would try to avoid this area around eden medical center. this you take a look over here this is where the damage is on this black car right here you can see that the tire was just shorn off and what happened was there was an ac transit bus and the driver didn't see an indicator on that car. he didn't know that this driver was trying to turn left so he slammed on his brakes and swerved to the left shaving that tire off the car. luckily the woman suffered only minor injuries and didn't have far to travel to that hospital. it's just right across the street here near the corner of lake chabot road and somerset avenue. this happened 50 minutes ago, and back here live across the street we have a nurses strike that is happening, and the chp was taking statements from them. they were witnesses obviously
8:57 am
he right here, and as you can see tow trucks getting ready to take this car away, the ac transit bus has been moved. so accident clearing up but i would try to avoid this area for the next 15 minutes or so. live near castro valley i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. 8:56 now let's go right to sal. see what's happening in our commute. all right. right now it looks pretty good coming into the city. it's backed up and to the middle of that parking lot had which is the best it's been all morning. if you are driving across san mateo or the dunbar ton bridge that's a decent commute. mostly sunny, breezy, cool but nice. 60s and 70s, warmer weather kicks in for saturday. it will be a chilly saturday morning and wormer on sunday. bay to breakers looks good except for fog. good on monday and big changes start tuesday. >> getting cooler? much cooler. they're talking about possible snow near the oregon border.
8:58 am
>> memorial day weekend coming up. a little unexpected. >> that's your report for the this morning. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to watch ktvu channel 2 news at noon for more on the big bike race and then out to livermore and mount diablo tomorrow and from san fransisco to santa rosa on sunday. we're always here for you on facebook and twitter. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. ash datin! three dates in one week! shop like a fashionista. and i did fall in love... save like a maxxinista. with my new dress. designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx.
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bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser.
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crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you. hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. we've got the videos you've been looking for "right this minute." a cop tries to reach an 8-year-old trapped under a car when he realizes he can't lift this vehicle on his own. how some good samaritans showed up just in time. a tranquilized deer gets some tlc. >> that deer almost didn't make it. >> the rescue that saved her and her baby. it's a video for anyone who's ever tried -- >> tried to get out of the


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